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BPCA is a badge of honour you can rely on

Do you have a pest problem?  Members cover the whole of the UK and can advise and deal with any pest problem you might have. Surekill is a local family company in the heart of Yorkshire.

By choosing a BPCA assessed member like Surekill you can be assured that the services you receive are from a trained, insured and trusted company that meets our strict membership criteria.

As a BPCA member, Surekill are:

  • A suitably trained and qualified expert, committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and have been subjected to the BPCA audit and assessment process to ensure services are delivered to the highest of standards.
  • Determined to adhere to our Industry Codes of Best Practice.
  • committed to providing detailed advice on pest prevention measures and provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treatment aspects.

The BPCA member logo is earned by Surekill, and we are proud to provide a service to the highest standards of anyone in Leeds, Bradford, York, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Harrogate and across Yorkshire.

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Feeding the wild birds or feeding a rat?

RAT TIP number 12 – Dont feed a rat when feeding the wild birds

rat on bird feeder

Feeding native wild birds can inadvertantly lead to a rat infestation close to your home

Surprising to many, although fairly obvious when you think about it – feeding the wild birds in your garden is now one of the most common reasons for rat infestations around homes in the Leeds and Yorkshire region.

Of course we are not suggesting that you leave the wild birds to fend for themselves at what is notoriously the most difficult time of year for our native wild birds, but to reduce attraction of rats to your garden you should:

  • Use suspended wire feeders with trays attached for waste – As you can see in the image, without a tray the rat will just hang by keeping hold of the wire – a small tray will make this more difficult and also prevent the seed or nuts from falling on the floor so easily.
  • Do not put bird food directly on the ground – you might as well put it on a plate for the rat if you are going to do this!
  • Only put out enough bird food for the day and clear any spillages

Guidelines are provided by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. You can contact them by calling 01273 775333 or by visiting www.rspb.org.uk

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The rise of the super rat

YouTube Preview Image

Super rats on TV – Is Britain on the brink of a pest control crisis?

 ITV Tonight programme in the Tonight series on the ‘Rise of the Super Rats’ was a well balanced and informative review of the rise of rodenticide resistance and the threat to public health posed by rats.

Kevin, MD Surekill was on hand to give advice to the nation in this informative programme which aired on 26th June 2014.

Kevin goes on to show how rubbish is attracting rats and how once the rats get into one property in a terrace they quickly moved through the whole block.

So if you think you may have a problem with Super Rats or think you may have seen one – then give us a call and we can come over and put your mind at ease.

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Mutant super rats – BBC radio Leeds

Owner of Surekill Pest Control, Kevin Moore, last week featured on Wes Butters show on BBC Radio Leeds talking about the presence of a mutant super rat in the local area. He gave us information and pointers on how we can avoid getting infested with rats this wintertime.

The conversation began talking about the so called mutant super rat which has been in the news recently because they are becoming more and more popular in the UK. They are also becoming immune to the regular poisons that homeowners put down in order to kill them. ‘In Africa, they can grow up to 3 feet long’, said Kevin. Luckily, this mutant super rat hasn’t reached Britain yet so that’s not something to worry about for the time being.


However, Kevin did mention that we need to be careful of the normal rats that grace us with their presence every winter. Here at Surekill we are receiving more and more calls each year of rat sightings. Homeowners are realising that poisons bought from the supermarkets and specialist shops do not work as well as rats begin to become immune to them. Rats need professional assistance. Their droppings are more discrete than mice and you tend to hear them before you see them, especially as they are nocturnal.

Therefore, you need to take extra care and if you think you may have a mutant super rat or even a standard rat infestation, call Surekill quick and we will sort it out. Using cutting edge methods, our team are highly qualified with over 20 years experience in the business. There is really no one better to call. Call us now on 0800 068 4577 and receive a free consultation and quote.

To listen to the full interview with even more advice on keeping you rat-free this winter, listen to the full interview from the BBC Leeds below.

Interview from BBC Radio Leeds

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It’s rat time of year again – rats in the house alert

Yes, we all know that now the nights are drawing in, the rats are coming out to play. However, this story is serious and demonstrates how vicious and dangerous rats can be and if you fear that you have rats in the house, you need to ring Surekill before the following stories happens to you!

With over 20 years experience in the profession, you are in the safest hands. We offer an effective and discrete service spanning all over Yorkshire and we use cutting edge, proven methods to make sure you feel safer and there are no unwelcome creatures or rats in the house or your commercial property.

We don't want these roaming around your house. Ring us quick if you think you have rat problems.

We don’t want these roaming around your house. Ring us quick if you think you have rat problems.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Lindsey Molyneux of Camden, North London.  This story featured in a Daily Star article on 6th November. Her 16-month daughter was sound asleep in her cot when the foot-long rodent pounced on her. The terror struck and bit the little girl through her pyjamas on her arm, leaving her bleeding and crying when her mum found her. After going to hospital, it was later discovered that there was indeed rats in the house and it was indeed a rat bite and pest control services had been sent quickly to sort out the situation.

Photo taken from Daily Star feature on 6th November 2013. The 16 month-old girl was bitten and left distraught after a rat had bitten her while asleep in her cot.

Photo taken from Daily Star feature on 6th November 2013. The 16 month-old girl was bitten and her and her mother were left distraught after a rat had bitten her while asleep in her cot.

In March this year, a similar story (also featuring in the Daily Star article) happened to seven-year old Francesca who was also bitten by rats in the house while sleeping. She was woken up to some creature crawling up her leg. This time, the rat left wounds on her face! She woke up crying and then went to the hospital where she was given antibiotics and recovered soon after.

Photo was taken from the Daily Star on 6th November 2013. This seven year-old girl was bitten by a rat on her face.

Photo was taken from the Daily Star on 6th November 2013. This seven year-old girl was bitten by a rat on her face.

Although these incidents, taken from an article in the Daily Star, 6th November 2013, were not life threatening, it shows that more and more stories like this are happening.  Rats begin to move indoors in October/November time when the weather turns nasty and cold and the rain starts pouring. We need to be careful and act quickly. We don’t want this to be happening to you. If you are in any doubt, call Surekill now on 0800 0684577 for a free consultation and quote.

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Winter’s coming – and so are the rats!

As the weather becomes colder and wetter, and the nights draw in early, the warmth, food and water in your homes may start attracting unwanted guests – especially rats.


Rats, mice and other such rodents are notorious for seeking warmth, shelter and food in the winter months to get out of the wet, windy and cold outdoor conditions. They take refuge in homes across Britain.

Rats and mice are unwanted creatures for many reasons; they carry germs and spread many diseases including salmonella, food poisoning and the bubonic plague. They are prolific breeders and some reproduce up to 10 litters of 16 in just one year! They are most active at night so you don’t sometimes see them until it’s too late.

Some tell-tale signs that rodents have taken refuge in your house – They gnaw away at woodwork and furniture ruining parts of your house in a bid to keep their incisors at the same length. Drainpipes, water pipes and electric cables can be damaged through gnawing too.  One obvious giveaway that you’ve got unwanted guests is the droppings scattered all over. On average, mice leave 70 droppings over a 24-hour period and they urinate frequently to mark their territory, leaving an awful smell.

There are many ways that rodents can get into your homes and here is some information from Surekill and our top tips for keeping you rodent-free this winter!


The most common ways for rodents to get inside are through the roof, scuttling around, in through the kitchen in search of food left uncovered or open, or in the bins, and for warmth under the fridge, cooker and in the cupboards. Rats and mice are very quick and erratic and can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps in bricks, concrete and cavities and drainpipes. They will also enter houses through doors left open for long periods of time; they are attracted to the heat and start running to escape the pouring rain.

There are many ways that you can prevent these creatures from becoming your roommates. These include sealing and fixing any gaps in windows, doors, drains, walls or garages. Clearing up any rubbish left near the house outside by the bins and making sure that all bin bags are securely tied up. Clearing up the garden and making sure weeds are kept to a minimum. And finally, do not leave out any food on worktops, in the fridge uncovered, as it may not be there when you next go to it.

If you have a rat, mouse or other rodent problem or a suspected problem, do not leave it too late. Call us today on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote. With over 20 years experience in helping homeowners and commercial businesses getting rid of mice and other rodents, we can help, using proven methods.

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Seagulls leave a nasty surprise on a fellow Bird Pest Control officer’s new pride and joy!

A winner is someone who recognises their God-given talents, develops them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.

 This approach was certainly taken by a flock of seagulls from East Sussex who were clearly aiming for something and perfecting their skill. They left a bird Pest Control firm boss paying hundreds of pounds for repairs on his car after there was a ‘bombardment’ of poo ruining the paintwork on his brand new Mercedes whilst on holiday.

Seagull poo car - Daily Mail

Ironically, the car owner, Jon Whitehead is responsible for bird pest control on birds like seagulls and removing their nests as part of his job. The seagulls clearly have a personal vendetta against the director of Cleankill Environmental Services and wanted to show their appreciation for his work by leaving an unholy supply of faeces splattered all over his car, according to the according to recent national press coverage. After desperately trying to clean his less-than-three-week-old car, to no avail, he took it to be professionally cleaned as the seagull poo had eaten away some of the paintwork, and he ended up paying £500 for the whole area to be re-painted.

Bird poo is seriously damaging to vehicles if left for over a period of 12 hours. A 2008 study by Zurich showed that motorists in Britain pay £57 million a year to re-paint cars ruined by bird poo. Professionals advise to wash it off as soon as the identified specimen is seen, otherwise, disastrous results and high repair bills! Just ask Jon!

Not only does the poo damage cars, buildings can be harmed, pecking damages roofs, seagull nests can block drainage channels and chimneys. Seagulls can also be rather aggressive, especially during the breeding season (between May and August) resulting on attacks on humans.


If you think you might have a bird problem then let Surekill take care of those nuisances. We are professionals in bird pest control using proven methods and with over 20 years experience, you can imagine, we have seen it all! Call us today on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote.

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Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Do you really know what exactly you’re sleeping next to at night? Bed bugs bite!

 As a professional and experienced pest control company, we are noticing more and more people ringing up about the dreaded bed bug bite. We want them Surekilled.


Bed bugs are nocturnal, they only feed on blood and love warm, muggy places. So that is why when you’re asleep is when they come out in force. They scuttle about in the cracks and crevices around your bed and wait for the perfect time to get a bed bug bite. Now, we don’t want you to get bitten by these creatures as their bites cause irritation, itching and infection.

Therefore, if you have a slight worry that your home is being infested by the bed bug, and you want to sleep well at night instead of worrying about your children, pets or indeed yourselves, then don’t hesitate and give us a call now on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote.

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When extra toppings were not desirable…

Just one cockroach can be detrimental to the running of your business. Be careful…

Cockroach in pizza

The pizza that left the child’s tummy churning. Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Evening Post, 17th August 2013

Although a cockroach is more common in subtropical and tropical climates, some of the little critters come to Blighty and take refuge indoors as they can’t survive in the cold British weather. Beware; in search of warmth, their favourite hang out is the kitchen…

Everyone loves a good take-out pizza with added toppings to your liking. However, at a local Leeds takeaway only a couple of weeks ago, a young child received more than he bargained for, causing the local business to be shut down by an environmental health officer and an investigation to begin. A child found a cockroach buried in the crust of his pizza from Munchies takeaway, Harehills Road. After this discovery, officials investigated the premises and discovered the pests all over the kitchen – in pans, in chillers and mouldy meat was just left on the floor.

The establishment in Chapeltown was closed down, the owner was fined for failing to keep his premises clean and protected from pests and serving food unfit for human consumption. After a deep clean, and a week later, the takeaway was re-opened with a new owner.

It is so simple to avoid this – if you too, don’t want your business going down the pan, if you fear that your business may be infested by cockroaches, don’t hesitate to call Surekill now! With expertise in clearing your establishments from cockroaches and using cutting edge methods for getting rid of these pests, Surekill really is your first port of call.

We eat the cockroach for breakfast, so your customers don’t have to!

Even if you have a slight concern that cockroaches, or indeed any pest, are invading your premises, don’t let it damage your livelihood, call Surekill now on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote.

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The first fruits of Autumn are pure nectar for wasps

So we are all beginning to see that wasps are getting more active as the first fruits of Autumn are falling and lying on the damp ground.

wasps on ripe fruitIn reality, most of us are unlikely to get a stung by a wasp until Autumn, unless you accidentally stand on one or disturb a wasps nest of course!

This is because until late July or early August they are busy bringing up and feeding the larval wasps, foraging for food and maintening the wasps nest.

After this period is over, so is their primary job and they concentrate on feasting on any food they can find, especially on the ripe and fermenting fruit of early Autumn. It is now that they become more and more obsessed with sweet foodstuffs like this, and the left over juice bottles and sweet wrappers that have somehow never found their way to the bin, and they will aggressively seek the ‘nectar’ out.

It is at this time when they are most likely to sting humans, in part due to bad tempers caused by heat and overcrowding in the wasp nest, and in part due to the semi-drunken obsession for sweet food.

Sue McBean, from the University of Ulster School of Nursing,  developed a website (www.waspsite.info) which offers advice on how to prevent wasp stings and how to treat them.

But the longer term solution is of course to seek out someone who can offer a permanent and effective solution. Surekill offer a fantastic service to deal with wasp problems, so give us a call, we will call around and before you know it, the problem with wasps will be gone.

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