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We all know that wasps can be a nuisance in your home or business and no one really thinks that tackling them yourself is a good idea – do we?

So if you think you might need help to get rid of them, give us a call! As professional, Yorkshire based pest control and insect elimination experts we have over 20 years experience in helping home owners and commercial businesses get rid of wasps. So if you are being terrorised everytime you step outside, or worse still, you are being invaded inside, we can help, using proven methods. Call us today on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote! You will wonder why you put up woth then for so long.

Key Features:
Wasps are very well-known – large, conspicuous buzzing insects with yellow and black striped, wasp-waisted bodies, 10-15mm long. They have a sweet tooth at one end and a painful sting at the other.
The queen wasp is larger (20mm) and she hibernates over winter, making a nest in the spring in which to lay her eggs. She feeds the grubs on insects until they develop into worker wasps, three to four weeks later.

Wasp Nest

Wasp Nest

Workers, all sterile females, forage for over a mile in search of food. One nest may produce 30,000 wasps in a year. At their peak in August and September with the youngsters reared, the workers turn to the sweet food they prefer and become a nuisance wherever this is available.

You have to ask yourself, if you dont deal with this problem now, do you really want the queen hibernating ready to start the whole thing again next year?

Wasp nests may be suspended from trees, nest boxes, bee hives, rafters and dormer windows, or they might just be inside your roof space, hidden from view but just as much a nuisance.
If annoyed or threatened, wasps will sting and the best remedy – after removing the sting with a clean finger nail – is to apply an anti-histamine. Some people react violently to being stung with several dying each year.

If you have a problem with wasps or wasps nests, call us today on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote!

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