Bed Bugs strike hard

2019 hasn’t been a bad year for Wasps but what the Pest Control Leeds community agree about, is that we have seen a huge increase in the number of bed bug infestations.

The big question is:

How do you spot bed bugs? Do you ask yourself, are you going to bed with an unwanted guest this evening? Would you know the signs? Would you know how to deal with a bed bug problem?

    • Blood specks on your sheets on a morning.
    • Black spots on mattresses


Adult bed bugs are oval, wingless insects, which are about 5-7 mm long. They are flattened dorsoventrally and this particular feature allows them to hide in narrow spaces such as into cracks and crevices. When unfed, they are pale yellow or brownish in colour, but after a full blood meal, they take a darker uniform ‘ mahogany’ brown colour.

Bed bugs have piercing mouth parts formed into a proboscis, used to pierce the hosts skin. They have three pairs of legs that are slender but well-developed and with efficient tarsal claws for clinging on to the host during feeding.

If you think you have a bed bug problem pick up the phone now and call Surekill Pest Control on 0800 068 4577 or email

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