Councils Ignoring Pest Control Problems

Over the past ten years, pest control problems have increased by 39% (with a 38% increase in bed bug infestations alone) and as these numbers are rising, and the problem gets worse; local councils continue to reduce services offered to rectify any problems. Local refuge collection strikes in the Leeds led to an unnerving boom in the rat population, making many of the streets around the Yorkshire town the perfect breeding and feeding ground for rats.

One in 10 councils no longer offers pest control services, meaning that there is a growing concern that any pest control problems, such as rats or cockroach infestations are going unchecked.

A survey conducted by the institute’s National Pest Advisory Panel shows that 26 councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland did not provide pest control services in 2009 and 2010, and those that did also relied heavily on external contractors.

Should you have any issues or concerns regarding pest control in the Yorkshire area, contact Surekill for help and advice.

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