Feeding the wild birds or feeding a rat?

RAT TIP number 12 – Dont feed a rat when feeding the wild birds


Surprising to many, although fairly obvious when you think about it – feeding the wild birds in your garden is now one of the most common reasons for rat infestations around homes in the Leeds and Yorkshire region.

Of course we are not suggesting that you leave the wild birds to fend for themselves at what is notoriously the most difficult time of year for our native wild birds, but to reduce attraction of rats to your garden you should:

  • Use suspended wire feeders with trays attached for waste – As you can see in the image, without a tray the rat will just hang by keeping hold of the wire – a small tray will make this more difficult and also prevent the seed or nuts from falling on the floor so easily.
  • Do not put bird food directly on the ground – you might as well put it on a plate for the rat if you are going to do this!
  • Only put out enough bird food for the day and clear any spillages

Guidelines are provided by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. You can contact them by calling 01273 775333 or by visiting

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