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A family of very small (about 3mm) flies with prominent red eyes, fruit flies are characterised by a slow hovering flight in which the abdomen hangs down.

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All fruit flies are associated with rotting fruit and vegetables or fermenting liquids. One species breeds in sour milk, for example, in the residue of forgotten milk bottles.

The fruit fly’s eggs are laid on top of or near rotting fruit or vegetable matter. The larvae emerge from the eggs and feed near the surface of the fermenting material for 5-6 days. The fruit fly larvae then crawl to drier areas of the food source or even out of the food source to pupate. Under ideal conditions, the life cycle of the fruit fly, from egg to adult can be completed in as little as eight days.


Found throughout the world. Common near fresh or rotting fruit and damp organic matter.


Because it frequents such unsanitary areas, the fruit fly could potentially carry disease-causing bacteria onto food products.

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