Pest control tips for Autumn

It is fairly obvious why Pest Control is a serious topic to consider as Autumn approaches. The end of the warm weather encourages rats, mice and other pests to look for a warmer place to hang out.

Pest_control._Rat_in_my_kitchenMost types of mice are actively looking to move away from the wetter weather and the ever more cold breezes and head for the warmer climates they can find indoors, and lets face it, their larger relatives, the rats, would rather live in the comforts of your home, too. Once indoors, they can cause major damage in almost no time by chewing through wires, making nests in furniture, using their teeth on your woodwork, and helping themselves to previously unopened food packaging. And if that isnt a bad enough thought, leaving huge deposits of droppings is another pretty big down side to these unwelcome visitors.

Since pests such as mice and rats spread disease among humans, they simply cannot be ignored. Calling in a pest control expert like Surekill is the most effective method of evicting these pests from your home, and best thing of all is that you don’t have to come into contact with the pests yourself.

Surekill Pest Control in Yorkshire provides a range of 24hour pest control services to homes and businesses in Leeds, York, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford and Wetherby. Contact us now on 0800 068 4577

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