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The presence of feral pigeons present a number of problems:

  • Their droppings (Guano) contain a number of harmful pathogens, leading to diseases such as Salmonella, Psittacocis and E.Coli
  • The feathers and nesting materials contain numerous insect pests i.e. flies, fleas and mites
  • Corrosion and staining of the building structure
  • Bird faeces (Guano) falling directly onto pavements outside of your premises could be hazardous to pedestrians and could result in a serious accident

Methods of proofing

Bird netting systems can be used against any of the urban pest species. When fitted properly, with the correct mesh size for the species of bird, a net will keep even the most persistent of birds out of the heaviest bird pressure sites.

Nets can be fitted horizontally to exclude pest birds from open areas such as walls and courtyards. They can also be fitted vertically to proof large frontages of buildings. As a combination of horizontal and vertical fitting nets can be used to proof installations such as air conditioning units on roofs.

Bird Pest Control

Point systems are limited to pigeons and gulls and are a deterrent which rely on upward pointing wires or spikes to deter the birds. There are many different products available. These systems usually stick in place with a silicone adhesive, but can also be secured with suitable screws.

Wire systems are cost-effective and are an extremely versatile bird deterrent system. It has been used for many years to keep pigeons and gulls off buildings. It can be adapted to fit almost any building or architectural feature.

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