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Key Features: 

Rats are generally slender with a pointed heads, large eyes, and prominent ears. They have moderately long legs and long sharp claws. Two most common species found in the UK are the brown (Rattus Norvegicus) and black rats (Rattus Rattus), also called ship rats. (Although the black rat is rarely seen now in the UK).

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Rats are distinguished from mice by their size; rats generally have bodies longer than 12 cm (5 inches).


By most standards, rats are considered pests or vermin. They can be very destructive to crops and property. Rats can quickly overpopulate when they live in a place where they have no predators, such as in certain cities, and their numbers can become hard to contain.

Rats have a significant impact on food production. Estimates vary, but it is likely that about one-fifth of the world’s total food output is eaten, spoiled or destroyed by rats. It is interesting to note that about one-third of the food purchased by humans is thrown away as rubbish in certain areas.


Rats can carry over thirty different diseases dangerous to humans, including Weil’s disease, typhus, salmonella and bubonic plague.

Signs that you may have rats

If you see any of the following then you may need to consider rat control measures:

  • Droppings – these are 1cm long and cigar shaped
  • Damage – because rats gnaw constantly, they typically cause damage to belongings, wooden structures, pipes and electric cables etc…
  • Smears – greasy black marks are often left by rats running over prominent objects over a long period of time
  • Holes – you may see these in the garden. They are 5-7cm wide with a smooth, shiny entry and very often indicate an active burrow

Rat Control and how to prevent rats getting into your house

To ensure a rat infestation from your garden does not get into your home you must repair any external structural faults, such as:

  • Gaps beneath external doors – draught-excluding brush or bristle strips can be fitted to the door or the door threshold can be renewed or raised
  • Holes surrounding pipes – these can be blocked with wire wool and then filled with cement or expanding foam which is readily available at all good DIY stores
  • Damaged or old air vents – vents with holes larger than 2.5cm should be replaced, repaired or covered with fine mesh – BUT DO NOT BLOCK THE AIR VENTS TOTALLY!

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