Seagulls leave a nasty surprise on a fellow Bird Pest Control officer’s new pride and joy!

A winner is someone who recognises their God-given talents, develops them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.

 This approach was certainly taken by a flock of seagulls from East Sussex who were clearly aiming for something and perfecting their skill. They left a bird Pest Control firm boss paying hundreds of pounds for repairs on his car after there was a ‘bombardment’ of poo ruining the paintwork on his brand new Mercedes whilst on holiday.

Ironically, the car owner, Jon Whitehead is responsible for bird pest control on birds like seagulls and removing their nests as part of his job. The seagulls clearly have a personal vendetta against the director of Cleankill Environmental Services and wanted to show their appreciation for his work by leaving an unholy supply of faeces splattered all over his car, according to the according to recent national press coverage. After desperately trying to clean his less-than-three-week-old car, to no avail, he took it to be professionally cleaned as the seagull poo had eaten away some of the paintwork, and he ended up paying £500 for the whole area to be re-painted.

Bird poo is seriously damaging to vehicles if left for over a period of 12 hours. A 2008 study by Zurich showed that motorists in Britain pay £57 million a year to re-paint cars ruined by bird poo. Professionals advise to wash it off as soon as the identified specimen is seen, otherwise, disastrous results and high repair bills! Just ask Jon!

Not only does the poo damage cars, buildings can be harmed, pecking damages roofs, seagull nests can block drainage channels and chimneys. Seagulls can also be rather aggressive, especially during the breeding season (between May and August) resulting on attacks on humans.


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