The first fruits of Autumn are pure nectar for wasps

So we are all beginning to see that wasps are getting more active as the first fruits of Autumn are falling and lying on the damp ground.

wasps on ripe fruit

In reality, most of us are unlikely to get a stung by a wasp until Autumn, unless you accidentally stand on one or disturb a wasps nest of course!

This is because until late July or early August they are busy bringing up and feeding the larval wasps, foraging for food and maintening the wasps nest.

After this period is over, so is their primary job and they concentrate on feasting on any food they can find, especially on the ripe and fermenting fruit of early Autumn. It is now that they become more and more obsessed with sweet foodstuffs like this, and the left over juice bottles and sweet wrappers that have somehow never found their way to the bin, and they will aggressively seek the ‘nectar’ out.

It is at this time when they are most likely to sting humans, in part due to bad tempers caused by heat and overcrowding in the wasp nest, and in part due to the semi-drunken obsession for sweet food.

Sue McBean, from the University of Ulster School of Nursing,  developed a website (www.waspsite.info) which offers advice on how to prevent wasp stings and how to treat them.

But the longer term solution is of course to seek out someone who can offer a permanent and effective solution. Surekill offer a fantastic service to deal with wasp problems, so give us a call, we will call around and before you know it, the problem with wasps will be gone.

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