Ways to Avoid Pigeons Around Your House

Although sometimes pigeons are entertaining, they can quickly turn to a problem when they decide that your home is their ideal nesting ground. Pigeons on their own are harmless but they can bring a significant amount of harm to your house or car and might also introduce ticks or disease-bearing mites to your property.

Pigeons are fairly smart, highly adaptable and also fearless in the presence of humans. These traits make it hard to deter them. Although they aren’t a typical garden pest, they have the ability to strip your garden bare of fruits and young plants. Since you want to eventually enjoy the fruits of the work you put in your garden, you’ll need to follow a few of these steps.

Pigeon around the house

First, you’ll require to make nesting areas as unappealing as possible. You can do these in several ways:

РPick strategical spots such as ledges and window sills and set up anti-roosting spike strips to prevent pigeons from landing. Here at Surekill winged pest control services we have strategies on how to control pests.
– Tie a string across the nesting areas.
– Don’t feed them. Just like other animals, if you choose to feed the pigeons they’ll keep returning for more and the presence of food will also attract other pigeons.
– Install sloping covers to ledges and window sills so as to avoid any kind of flat or balanced surface for the pigeons to build their nests on.
– You can also eliminate any other food source.

You should also seal all potential nesting areas by paying more attention to your attic and eaves. A few ways you could do these are:

– In case of any big openings, seal the attic entirely or set up a metal wire mesh.
– For the homes that have chimneys, it’s recommended to cap it using a metal wire cage.
– If you own an air conditioning unit, surround the nesting areas with netting or mesh.
– You can also hire a professional for a better service.

Another way to keep the pigeons away is by setting up a number of bird deterrents. These can include:

– Spraying them with a hose immediately you see them intruding your territory so as to frighten them off.
– Install a scare crow especially one with a silhouette of a hawk or one that moves around and makes some strange noise.
– Make use of reflective surfaces to deter the pigeons.
– Install bird netting to keep your shed secure.
– Protect the bird feeders since pigeons are known to act as a bully to other smaller birds.

There’re also other ways like honey solution, use of pets like dogs, use of bird nets and even spices. You can solve the pigeon-problem with any of these ways or you could even contact a professional for effective and good-quality services.

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