Ways to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Garden

Are you considering to start a garden? Then you have to be aware of pesky birds like pigeons. Generally, birds aren’t picky eaters. They can feed on a variety of things such as worms, breadcrumbs, fruit, grains, seeds and more. Pigeons can build nests in your garden and feed on the plants that you have been growing. They tend to carry a lot of viruses and germs with them, so you most likely wouldn’t want them close to your garden.

Prior to starting a garden, there’re a few steps from scaring them, to putting a wire netting all round your garden, to using a repellent, and some more, that you can take to make sure that you deal with the pigeon problem. This article serves as a guide on how to keep the pigeons far away from your garden.

– Protect Your Garden by Installing a Netting

Bird netting is not only an effective way, but also a humane way to protect your garden from pigeons. Annoying pigeons will be obstructed from eating your plants by placing a pigeon netting all round your garden. Before setting up the netting, make sure that you measure the area and pick the right type of netting that’s specifically made for pigeons. However, if you’re looking for a most cost-effective solution, this may not be the way.

– Get Rid of Pigeons by Using a Bird Repellent

Bird repellents comprise of an ingredient that brings about an unpleasant sensation in a bird. Once a bird feels this kind of sensation, it learns that it should be as far as possible from the treated areas. It’s highly recommended to use a licensed bird repellent to get rid of bothersome pigeons due to its mild nature. The chemicals causes effects that don’t bring harm to pigeons and this will result in your garden being pigeon-free in no time. Surekill Pest Control offers the best pest control service.


– Use Sound

Sound is one of the effective methods you can utilize to keep pigeons away. Although, you’ll require to invest some money so as to do it in the proper manner, it will be of value. There’re a few types of sounds that can do it right. Repellers that are audible release scary bird sounds that frighten pigeons and other birds. These are different types of sounds such as shrieks of predator birds, cries of birds in trouble, and more. You can buy these kind of devices from many gardening stores.

There’re also ultrasonic repellers which emit sounds that are of high-frequency such that people are unable to hear. These sounds have a certain frequency that’s targeted for the birds.

– Make Use of a Visual Repellent

Visual repellents are purposely made to frighten off the birds and to reduce their desire in returning. These deterrents are a good option to use in gardens since they’re cost-effective and they don’t need much maintenance. A few common examples of these repellents are: reflective objects, Coyote decoy figures, statues that are designed to look like predators, and more. However, you need to take extra caution with these kind of repellents. Pigeons are indeed smart animals and can realize your tricks and scarecrows.

– Other Homemade Pigeon Repellents

You can make your own homemade repellents too to get the job done. Some of these ways include using honey since birds are not a fan of sticky surfaces, install automatic sprinklers to hose them every time they land, make use of spices since pigeons and other birds are also not a fan of spices or you can use pepper or chili powder to repel them from your garden.

It’s not right to let pigeons take control of your garden. Follow any of the above steps and your garden will be pigeon-free again!

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