When extra toppings were not desirable…

Just one cockroach can be detrimental to the running of your business. Be careful…

Although a cockroach is more common in subtropical and tropical climates, some of the little critters come to Blighty and take refuge indoors as they can’t survive in the cold British weather. Beware; in search of warmth, their favourite hang out is the kitchen…

Everyone loves a good take-out pizza with added toppings to your liking. However, at a local Leeds takeaway only a couple of weeks ago, a young child received more than he bargained for, causing the local business to be shut down by an environmental health officer and an investigation to begin. A child found a cockroach buried in the crust of his pizza from Munchies takeaway, Harehills Road. After this discovery, officials investigated the premises and discovered the pests all over the kitchen – in pans, in chillers and mouldy meat was just left on the floor.

The establishment in Chapeltown was closed down, the owner was fined for failing to keep his premises clean and protected from pests and serving food unfit for human consumption. After a deep clean, and a week later, the takeaway was re-opened with a new owner.

It is so simple to avoid this – if you too, don’t want your business going down the pan, if you fear that your business may be infested by cockroaches, don’t hesitate to call Surekill now! With expertise in clearing your establishments from cockroaches and using cutting edge methods for getting rid of these pests, Surekill really is your first port of call.

We eat the cockroach for breakfast, so your customers don’t have to!

Even if you have a slight concern that cockroaches, or indeed any pest, are invading your premises, don’t let it damage your livelihood, call Surekill now on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote.

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