Three dirty mice eat debris next to each other. Rubbish bag On the wet floor and very foul smell. Selective focus.

Winter’s coming – and so are the rats!

As the weather becomes colder and wetter, and the nights draw in early, the warmth, food and water in your homes may start attracting unwanted guests – especially rats.


Rats, mice and other such rodents are notorious for seeking warmth, shelter and food in the winter months to get out of the wet, windy and cold outdoor conditions. They take refuge in homes across Britain.

Rats and mice are unwanted creatures for many reasons; they carry germs and spread many diseases including salmonella, food poisoning and the bubonic plague. They are prolific breeders and some reproduce up to 10 litters of 16 in just one year! They are most active at night so you don’t sometimes see them until it’s too late.

Some tell-tale signs that rodents have taken refuge in your house – They gnaw away at woodwork and furniture ruining parts of your house in a bid to keep their incisors at the same length. Drainpipes, water pipes and electric cables can be damaged through gnawing too.  One obvious giveaway that you’ve got unwanted guests is the droppings scattered all over. On average, mice leave 70 droppings over a 24-hour period and they urinate frequently to mark their territory, leaving an awful smell.

There are many ways that rodents can get into your homes and here is some information from Surekill and our top tips for keeping you rodent-free this winter!


The most common ways for rodents to get inside are through the roof, scuttling around, in through the kitchen in search of food left uncovered or open, or in the bins, and for warmth under the fridge, cooker and in the cupboards. Rats and mice are very quick and erratic and can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps in bricks, concrete and cavities and drainpipes. They will also enter houses through doors left open for long periods of time; they are attracted to the heat and start running to escape the pouring rain.

There are many ways that you can prevent these creatures from becoming your roommates. These include sealing and fixing any gaps in windows, doors, drains, walls or garages. Clearing up any rubbish left near the house outside by the bins and making sure that all bin bags are securely tied up. Clearing up the garden and making sure weeds are kept to a minimum. And finally, do not leave out any food on worktops, in the fridge uncovered, as it may not be there when you next go to it.

If you have a rat, mouse or other rodent problem or a suspected problem, do not leave it too late. Call us today on 0800 068 4577 for a free consultation and quote. With over 20 years experience in helping homeowners and commercial businesses getting rid of mice and other rodents, we can help, using proven methods.

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