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So you have discovered tell tale sawdust marks and you think you might have woodworm in your house or furniture? You might need professional help to get rid of them. Whether it’s your favourite piece of furniture or more importantly, a structural point in a building, give Surekill Pest control in Yorkshire a call to get the best advice on how to proceed. As professional pest control and treatment experts with over two decades experience in helping private property owners and commercial businesses tackle woodworm and other insect problems, we can help using the latest survey technology at our disposal. Call us today on 0800 068 4577!


Woodworm is the commonly used term for a number of wood boring insects which lay their eggs on or in timber and whose larvae bore through the wood leaving a network of tunnels, damaging and weakening the structure.

Woodworm attack is varied – both in the type of timber which different species infest and their larval life-span which can range from ten months to 11 years. This means that accurate identification by the surveyor is the first essential step because not all infestations need treatment.

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The 4 main woodworm species are:

Death Watch Beetle

The adult Death Watch Beetle is around 6mm in length and females are usually larger ranging up to 8mm.  It is dark greyish-brown in colour, with a pattern of yellow scale-like hair patches on the pronotum and elytra.  The female lays small clusters of three to four eggs on the surface of rough wood, in cracks or just inside flight holes.  The average number of eggs laid is 40 to 60.  The larvae of these beetles bore into hardwood timbers where fungal decay has occurred.  The adult cannot fly and therefore when found indoors it is almost certain that the beetle has been infesting the timber since it was originally hewn.

House Longhorn Beetle

The largest and most damaging but restricted mainly to the southern Home Counties.

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Wood Boring Weevil

Normally associated with damp timber and wet rot decay.

  • Attacks hardwood and a damaging borer in old buildings such as churches.
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  • Woodworm species
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Professional Woodworm Survey

A thorough survey of the building is needed to locate the areas of active woodworm infestation. In domestic buildings it may be necessary to lift sections of floorboards and gain access to lofts and roof voids.

Where timbers are heavily infested by woodworm and wood rot, and have to be cut away and replaced, our surveyor will also consider all the structural aspects
of the building.

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